AI-Powered TV Show

Join us on Based USA's AI-powered animated TV show, where the quirky and patriotic characters tell a story of freedom on the blockchain. Inspired by American Dad, South Park, and Drunk History, the show allows Based USA holders to vote on narratives and direct the storyline in a fun and engaging way.

The Freedom Brigade

Follow Challenger the Eagle, Billy the Goat, Jiggs II the Bulldog, Smokey the Bear, and Mr. Jackson the Mule as they navigate the wild world of crypto while uncovering the best parts of American history and culture. Whether it's making fun of current events, exploring iconic historical moments, or imagining the future of America, the Based USA show offers a lighthearted look at what makes America truly unique.
This isn't just any TV show—it's controlled by the community! Based USA holders can contribute ideas for storylines, vote on themes, and even feature their own businesses, brands, and music in the show. Help shape the future of Based USA while enjoying the humor, adventure, and creativity that comes with decentralized storytelling.
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