Meet the Freedom Brigade, a cheeky band of patriotic misfits bringing financial freedom to the blockchain world in the most entertaining way possible. Each member of our lineup embodies iconic American values, steeped in history and humor, while adding their own flair to the party. Inspired by the most famous real service animals and using their actual names, these characters are more than just dogs and cats. Together, they celebrate what makes America special: the freedom to be yourself, have a good time, and make some serious gains along the way.

Challenger the Eagle

"Lead by Example"
Challenger the Eagle, a bald eagle born in Louisiana in 1989, is famous for his free-flying performances during national anthem ceremonies at major events like the World Series, Fiesta Bowl, and NFL games. He's even flown over presidential inaugurations and national monuments. After being imprinted on humans following a storm that blew him out of his nest, Challenger became the first eagle trained to free-fly in stadiums, serving as a symbol of American pride​​.

Jiggs II the Bulldog

"Strength in Community"
Jiggs II, also known as Sergeant Major Jiggs II, was the first bulldog to officially serve as the U.S. Marine Corps mascot. Enlisted by Brigadier General Smedley Butler in 1922, Jiggs II quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant Major. He participated in Marine Corps events, appeared in the 1926 film Tell It to the Marines, and served until his death in 1927, leaving a legacy of morale-boosting service and cheeky charm​.

Mr. Jackson

"Work Hard, Play Hard"
Mr. Jackson was the first official mule mascot of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, serving from 1936 until 1948. As a former Army pack mule, he became known for his diligence and patriotism, accompanying the Army football team to victories. After retirement, he lived at West Point until his death in 1961, leaving a legacy of dedication and resilience​.

Smokey the Bear

"Blaze Your Own Trail"
Smokey Bear, initially a cub rescued from a wildfire in New Mexico's Capitan Mountains in 1950, became the living symbol for the U.S. Forest Service's wildfire prevention campaign. Smokey lived at the National Zoo for 26 years, gaining millions of fans and letters from children. He remains a national icon for forest conservation and responsible behavior​

Billy the Goat

"Celebrate Success"
Bill the Goat is the official mascot of the U.S. Naval Academy since 1893, with the name originating from a pet goat kept by Commander Colby M. Chester. Bill is famous for being the target of pranks and kidnappings by rival schools before the annual Army-Navy football game. After he retired from the Navy, he bought into BTC at $200, has been super into ever since, and then he founded the Gazette.
Despite this, he remains a symbol of the Navy's spirit, perseverance, and ability to party​.
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